Monster Hunter Wilds shows off first gameplay with new monsters and upgraded weapons

The game is looking better than ever.

Hunter fighting a Chatacabra.
Image via Capcom

After almost six months of waiting, we finally got a full look at how Monster Hunter Wilds will play today, with Capcom showing off its dynamic world, new monsters, and upgrades to how you will use weapons.

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We already knew Monster Hunter Wilds would feature huge shifting environments that add unique elements to hunts, including in-game events and the weather changes that alter your surroundings. But during the May PlayStation State of Play, Capcom showcased how every monster and even the world blend seamlessly. 

Hunter fighting a Doshaguma.
Your hunts will take you out at night. Image via Capcom

When you are out on a Monster Hunter Wilds hunt, encountering monsters will let you instantly start applicable quests without needing to go through additional steps. That also plays into how dynamic each location will be, as each ecosystem and the changes they can experience while you are on an expedition will also change how other characters and creatures act. And, just like in previous Monster Hunter games, the way monsters interact with each other in the wild is also being expanded.

Most of the monsters shown off in the May 30 gameplay reveal were relatively simple low-level classes you will encounter plenty of—outside of the threatening fanged Doshaguma. But the focus should be put on your new mount, the raptor-like Seikret that will carry you across various environments and assist you in hunts with unique abilities.

We still don’t know everything about the Seikret, but Capcom revealed you can automatically set destinations on the Wilds map for your mount to travel to. And, while riding your mount, you can heal, sharpen your weapon, gather materials you pass, and more without dismounting. Your Seikret will even allow you to switch out your main weapon to a secondary without returning to base for the first time in the franchise.

A hunter gliding on their Seikret.
Traversal and interactions will be more expansive than ever. Image via Capcom

Capcom also confirmed all 14 weapons hunters have grown accustomed to seeing will return in Wilds. Each will have familiar actions and new upgrades that add even more power to your arsenal, such as a long drag with the Great Sword and a new shot for the Heavy Bowgun. There is also a Focus Mode you can use with each weapon that will give you “more precise control over how they guard, aim, and attack” as you target weak points—with some weapons having new features locked to this option.

The final new change Capcom showed off is an upgraded Hook Slinger, which will let you traverse and interact with the environment in new ways, even from the back of your Seikret. Now you just have to wait to see what creatures and content will be revealed for the Forbidden Lands as we approach Monster Hunter Wilds’ release.

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