This Helldivers 2 pistol is an Automaton-wrecking machine—and players love it

The first Warbond contains a hidden gem.

Thumbs up from Helldiver while two Helldivers attack an alien corpse in Helldivers 2 opening.
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The Steeled Veterans Warbond, which launched alongside Helldivers 2, contained few weapons worthy of the arsenal of Democracy. However, fans have recently been praising one Automaton-butchering pistol—the P-4 Senator. With high stopping power and one-shot potential against strong bots, the revolver turned out to be a hidden gem from the game’s first Warbond.

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The Senator can be seen in action in a May 30 Reddit thread, where a player masterfully maneuvers around the robots and through thick snow to deal devastating (wink, wink) damage. With a single shot, the revolver easily takes down Berserkers and Devastators alike, as well as regular Automaton enemies. Though it can fire up to six times before having to reload, it is very effective, especially since its ammo is refilled quickly with a six-bullet speedloader.

The player themselves also received praise in the comments for their flashy movements, cowboy gunslinging, and fantastic aim. Nevertheless, the Senator is the highlight of the ordeal since its stopping power enabled them to perform such fantastic moves in the first place.

The Senator was seen as nothing special on launch, especially when weapons like the Breaker were at their peak. There was no point in taking a slow six-shot revolver over anything else during the game’s infancy, though with so many balance patches (some good, some bad), even the Senator has become a viable option—and a brutal one at that.

Who knows which underdog or unnoticed weapons will take center stage next as Arrowhead struggles to make the game feel “balanced?” The definition of “balance” itself is quite loose in Helldivers 2, and players never seem to be fully satisfied with any change made to the game’s roster of weapons. The issue is so persistent that Arrowhead’s chief executive ended up stepping down and returning to development to drive fixes. Fans have offered tons of solutions, such as weapon upgrades, to resolve the issue of balance, but the devs hava yet to make a move.

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