Destiny 2, Dungeons & Dragons team up for The Final Shape in mega nerd-collab

Let's hope for some high rolls for all of us.

Destiny 2 Guardians in their DnD armor sets
Screenshot by Dot Esports

It’s a match made in RPG nerd heaven: Destiny 2 is collaborating with Dungeons & Dragons to bring cosmetics to the first-person shooter along the ride for its big expansion, The Final Shape.

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After a peek at the collab was shown early as part of the unfortunate The Final Shape leak on May 30, Bungie made the team-up official with an announcement trailer today, showing off everything that it will entail.

Destiny 2 Guardians walking in formation while wearing Dungeons & Dragons armor
Roll for initiative. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The highlight is Faerûn-inspired armor for all three of Destiny 2’s classes (Apex Draconic Titan set, Spectral Displacer Hunter set, and the Flayer’s Dominion Warlock set, which is my personal favorite), along with an Owlbear Chariot sparrow, Queen of Dragons ship, Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell, and a wonderfully fun DnD-like dice roll emote.

The armor sets can be bought individually, and the sparrow, ship, and Ghost shell will be found in their own Adventurer’s Pack Bundle in the Eververse store on June 4, which is the same day that The Final Shape launches.

Finally, the collab also introduces the Bigby’s Fist finisher move and the aforementioned Natural 20 emote, in which Guardians can roll a 20-sided die to decide any number of quarrels or disagreements within a raid, Strike, or any of Destiny 2’s myriad activities.

Today started off poorly for Bungie and Destiny 2 fans as Sony inadvertently let some players into The Final Shape early, allowing them to find out many of the expansion’s secrets, including story beats, weapons, and armor sets, all meant for their debut next week.

It’s unclear if this DnD announcement was meant for today, but it’s out there now. And you can bet that many will be looking to suit up their Guardians with these unique and iconic looks when the game’s servers return to live status on Tuesday, June 4 after extended downtime to prepare for the DLC.

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